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Our vision is to maximize player development both on and off the ice.

Execution of this vision will put players in a position to reach their potential and advance to the next level in a healthy manner.

We will create a program that emphasizes discipline, respect, love for the game, a clear path, and the DARE to DREAM mentality.

We want all players to......

Believe. Own. Enjoy. The Process.

Image by Chris Liverani


Hockey is a developmental game.  Players need the opportunity to develop before we get to the results.  The average player just wants results, there is no process, and no discipline to execute.


is the definition of what you have to

do to accomplish your goal!


Goals and purpose are essential to defining your process.

  • What are your goals, what is your vision, what do you want to accomplish, what do you want to do?

  • Define exactly what you need to do it.

  • How do you have to edit your behavior to be able to do it.

Current sports culture creates expectations for players and then destroy the player when they are not achieved. 

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Keith Rowe

FROM: Livonia, MI

RESIDES: Detroit, MI

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts of Business Administration

PLAYING EXPERIENCE: 14 Years Youth Hockey; 2 Years Juniors; 4 Years NCAA DI; 4 Years Professional; 16 Years Coaching/Mentoring in The Process

MISSION STATEMENT: My PASSION is what drives me to be my best in all aspects of life; My PASSION has transcended into hockey as a player and coach/mentor; Having experienced the PROCESS both as a player and coach/mentor my PASSION is what carried me through the ups and downs of my PROCESS; I’m excited to continue using my PASSION to positively impact student-athletes. 


mike salekin

FROM: British Columbia, Canada


EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts & Master of Business Administration

PLAYING EXPERIENCE: 15 Years Youth Hockey; 3 Years Juniors; 4 Years NCAA DI; 4 Years Professional; 12 Years Coaching/Mentoring Players in The Process

MISSION STATEMENT: PERFORM at my max potential (never falling below extraordinary) as it relates to my family, my career, and my role in guiding players in their youth hockey PROCESS; EXECUTE to begin everything with an end in mind while enjoying and following the PROCESS to ensure winning and completion; NEVER fear failure; ENVISION myself as a man who is seen as a good dad, mentor, leader, and a deeply honest person who drives my players and all people to find their max potential.

Image by Mike Cox


“Keith has either trained, coached or mentored our son since 2010.  He has continually helped our family navigate through the youth hockey landscape and now into the junior hockey world.  He takes our phone calls and answer emails whenever sent.  He has always given honest insight and advice into what is best for our son’s development and advancement.  This has led to our ultimate trust in Keith in regards to son’s best interest on and off the ice.”

2004 Parent 

December 7th, 2021

'"As players advance to higher levels of competition it quickly becomes evident that everyone has skill and desire, your mental approach becomes the differentiating factor.  Keith helps players understand it not all about "how good you are".  It's about understanding whether you are the right fit at the right time.  This is different for everyone. Keith's experience and approach can help players prepare themselves for their individual journey."

2002 Parent

December 8th, 2021

"Mike provided my daughter with the necessary confidence that she had a high level of support as she progressed through her own path. Before working with Mike, navigating the girls hockey world was daunting.  With Mike’s guidance my daughter was able to map out a clear and decisive path to progress her hockey career to NCAA DI."

2002 Parent

December 13th, 2021

"Although we were admittedly hesitant to spend extra money in a sport that is already expensive, we remain convinced that it was our son’s affiliation with Mike has actually saved our family money. He has provided a first class service to all my son’s hockey endeavors.  Mike has also provided guidance and suggestions to maximize their development and exposure while limiting expenses."

2003 Parent

December 17th, 2021

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